2nd Workshop on BioNMR

IV Brazilian NMR School

Fundamentals of NMR, Pulse Sequences, Nuclear Spin Relaxation, Residual Dipolar Coupling, and

Protein Structure and Dynamics.

January 27th to February 2nd, 2020 - São José do Rio Preto, SP, Brazil
Jan 27th to Feb 2nd, 2020

Department of Physics, UNESP/IBILCE

Rua Cristovão Colombo, 2265, Jardim Nazareth, São José do Rio Preto, 15054-000

2nd Workshop on BioNMR is a theoretical-practical course with the goal to teach the basic principles of NMR and to understand the theory and setup of pulse sequences used to measure protein structure and dynamics.

It will also have practical classes:

  • product operator  formalism

  • measurements of 3D triple resonance experiments for protein assignments

  • relaxation dispersion and CEST (quantifying conformational equilibrium)

  • relaxation parameters and protein dynamics

  • TROSY-based experiments for large proteins

  • computational treatment of the experimental data.

It is intended for graduate students, post-docs and researchers that are familiar with the use of NMR and/or have the intention of using NMR methods for research.

The course will be limited to 30 people.



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